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Epperson Brothers Auction and Flea Market has been in operation since 1962.  Before Lawrence Epperson bought the property at the end of Fig Tree Lane, Ray Fowler owned it.  Lawrences' oldest son of seven boys, Jack, moved his wife, Sondra, and their 5 kids up to Redding from San Jose, California to join the business.  Anyone who has been to Epperson Brother's Auction and Flea Market throughout the past 50 years is sure to remember Jack's unbeatable deals on mattresses and furniture, his jokes from the Auctioneer stand, the flea market on Saturday and Sunday, fabulous Biscuits and Gravy and hand-pressed burgers from the Snack Bar, and the warm, friendly greeting from the many members of the Epperson family.  

Appropriately named Epperson Brother’s Auction and Flea Market, Jack and his brothers Don, David, Jim, Jerry, and Bob held different roles throughout the years. At one time Don had his carpet business and Jim ran his furniture store onsite. Jim and Don's stores are next door to each other in Anderson and in full operation to this day. You can still come see Jim in action auctioning at our Wednesday night auctions, currently held the first Wednesday of each month. Jack's grandson, Jake also auctions. All of Jack and Sondra's kids, Cindy, Janet, Karen, Larry and Shannon worked for the family business at one time. Most of their grandkids started out working for the family business, along with many of their great grandkids. Today, it’s run by four generations! 

Jack lived his life for his family, friends, and the community. There was nothing in the world he loved more than people and giving them a great deal! His love of people and our community has been instilled in each one of us and is the motivation behind how we do business.